About LMF


Who are we?

Les Marchands de Feu is a small canadian business that was born in Montreal in 2016. We create handmade practice & fire accessories for flow artists, jugglers and performers.

What do we do?

As multidisciplinary flow artists ourselves, we build our props based on years of experience and are constantly researching for new innovations to improve the spinner’s experience. All our products are first produced as prototypes and tested thoroughly by the local flow arts community for improvements before being released as final products. LMF props are all tested for their safety, solidity and high performance.

Our products

  • We spend a lot of time researching and developing new ideas, keeping up to date with the newest trends and features improvment of the market.
  • We make a lot of prototypes before adding a new product to our catalog. All our products are previously tested by members of the local flow arts community and improved accordingly. We never sell a prop that dosen't fulfill our highest expectations.
  • We know every flow artist has it's personnal preferences so we offer a variety of options to customize your props; from the weight and size you like your props to be or the amount of fire you like to play with, to the color of your handles, we've got it all.

Meet the Team