Curtis Christenson / Architek’t
Vancouver, BC
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Tell us about your journey as a flow artist. 

I am a mostly self taught, multi discipline prop manipulation artist, I have been juggling on and off for 15 years, and spinning poi for 8 steady! I have received 3 different sponsorships and have been a part of a lot of beautiful events! A few years ago, I started a prop group using free spaces and helped people find flow, and some to develop flow they were already practicing! Created a full supportive prop community where it didn’t exist at all before, and we started to build together as performers.

How would you describe your current involvement in the circus community?

I have moved on to a new city and province, and am always building new groups and community gatherings, and am planning many travels as my schedule fills up for 2018!

What circus disciplines do you practice, and which one is your principal/favorite?

I am mostly a poi spinner, and been practicing for 8 years, but I juggle, contact, I spin staff, contact/ doubles and dragon staff. I also practice fire eating/breathing and vapor tricks, and always love to teach these and share art!

What’s next for Architek’t, any upcoming challenges?
Currently focusing on choreography, and multi props through a show, as well as blending prop use to practice multi props at once. I am always focused on expanding, and meeting new people and partaking in new adventures so my goals always reach towards new places in the world to explore.

Video credits

Artist: Curtis Christenson/ Architek’t

Shot & Cut by Jim Vanderhorst (Rebel Cause Film)

Music: Kadela – Feelings