Cortex – Fire Poi


Cortex fire poi, sold as a pair.

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Total length * 

This is the entire length of the poi setup, wicks, leashes and handles included.

Leash thickness * 

What thickness would you like the poi leash to be? (The sizes below reflect the final thickness, not the size of the technora used).

Swivel * 

Your knobs can be attached directly to the leash or with a swivel to allow them to spin freely.

Knob * 

Hardware * 

This is the amount of hardware used to attach the Technora leash to the poi wick (see photo 9 for reference). More hardware represents slower Technora degradation, but more chances of contact with hot metal during your spinning session (e.g.: handwraps).


Sold as a pair.

▹ 2 Wick sizes:
a) Regular: 3,5" (L) x 3,25" (W). Weight: 168 g. Large amount of fire, the wick design creates beautiful swirl textures in the flame.
b) Large: 4,5" (L) x 3,25" (W). Wieght: 285 g. For those who just can't get enough and are fan of HUGE flames!

▹ Technora tethers.
Advantage: this super soft, flexible and light weight material is fire resistant, which makes your spinning sessions safer and more comfortable. It also gives the poi a better balance by keeping the weight at the extremities.

▹ 5 types of knobs
a) Play “PX3” –> Black, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink.
b) Play “silicone knob” –> Glow in the dark, Black, White, Blue, Neon Green, Teal, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Red.
c) Lanternsmith “Pomgrips 2.0” –> Glow in the dark, black, white, clear, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.
d) Widmar “Stubby” –> Clear.
e) Ultraknob Pro (LED knobs) –> Regular or Widmar.

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 8 cm
Wick size

Regular, Large

11 reviews for Cortex – Fire Poi


    Came so quickly, such great quality, and such friendly sellers!


    Ana Villalobos

    I absolutely love them they are my first fire poi and I couldn’t be happier! I totally recommend



    My item showed up within 6 days, which is super fast considering it came from Canada! It’s a gift for my boyfriend that he doesn’t know about yet, so hadn’t had any burn time with them yet, but I can already tell how well these are made. Thank you for getting these to me in a good time, and how well these were made!

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