Double Staves


Fire double staves, with standard “roll” wicks. Light weight design, ideal for isolations and pattern work. Sold as a pair.

▹ 1/2″ Anodized aluminium staff. Not meant for juggling or high tosses (see our carbon fiber collection for that specific purpose).

▹ Grip : Overgrip (black) or Silicone sleeving (Black or clear + the color of your choice underneath).

No exposed metal.
The ends of the shaft are covered with silicone that acts as a heat shield and makes your burning sessions safer by preventing skin contacts with the hot metal.

▹ Length : Choose your desired length from 28″ to 36″.

Sold as a pair


Length * 

Grip * 

Custom color specification

If you chose the clear silicone grip but would like a special twist for the color, please leave a note below with your specifications (eg.: A3+D3 spiral)

Double staves, with standard "roll" wicks. Sold as a pair.

Weight 540 g
Dimensions 85 × 8 × 8 cm


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