Juggling staffs – Carbon Fiber


These carbon fiber staffs combine everything you could wish for; durability, lightness (33% lighter than regular aluminium) and a ton of customization options to allow you to create your very own set. These staffs will adapt perfectly between your juggling, contact and geeking needs.

General informations:

▹Sold individually or as a trio.

▹ Weight: Each staff weights 220 g. The weight is slightly distributed towards the ends for better momentum. An even more tip weighted option will be available soon.

▹Tubing diameter: 5/8″ . 1/2″ available soon.

▹Lenght: 36″ and 90 cm are the golden standards for juggling/contact staffs trios. Sizes options available from 32″ to 36″ (81 cm to 91.5 cm).

▹Grip: The Gravity Grip is a micro textured silicone that has all the tackiness of silicone but won’t become as slippery when wet. It also demonstrated low degradation and high performances under different weather conditions. This super soft and cushy material will quickly become the best ally of your “contact” journey and the gray color will add great visibility when spinning in low light conditions. We also offer the same product with clear silicone grip and multiple color options (click here).

▹Ends are capped with juggling club knobs, choose the color of your choice to complete your set.

▹Tape marks position: Would you like tape marks on your staffs? These are only 1/4″ wide and can be added at the center point (1/2), at each 1/3 or even 1/4 of the shaft.




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Staff 1 colors

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Introducing our new carbon fiber juggling/contact staffs. 

 These carbon fiber staffs combine everything you could wish for; durability, lightness and a ton of customization options.

Weight 660 g
Dimensions 91.5 × 9 × 9 cm
How many staffs would you like?

1 staff only, 3 staffs please!


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