Meteor dart


We completely fell in love with this fun variation of rope dart, as it mixes two of our passions; poi and dart. This design is optimal for indoors and outdoors training and will help you push your creativity to the next level as it unlocks a whole new range of tricks.

▹ The balls are made of a soft material that is super forgiving, which makes them the best allies of your practice sessions. Choose between 7 eye catching colors; green, red, teal, yellow, orange, magenta and white.
▹74 mm diameter (way smaller than contact poi) for an optimal experience. Our unique no slit design makes them super durable.
▹They come standard filled at 160g each ball (our favorite meteor dart weight). You can easily add or remove weight to your liking (you can also contact us to require a custom weight).
▹The rope is spliced directly onto a heavy duty swivel that sticks out of the ball, for the minimal hardware set up you’ve always dreamed of. This also prevents the leashes from tangling.

▹ We use Dyneema, the softest/most durable rope available on the market.  We have 6 colors available you can mix&match for the top and bottom parts: UV pink, UV orange, UV yellow, UV green, blue (not UV) & black (not UV). UV colors are really bright and glow under blacklights. The color coating will fade with time but the rope will last ages and become even softer as it breaks in.
▹Size: The top part (dart leash) is 1/4″ diameter and the bottom part (meteor leash) is 5/16″ which improves the “2 poi 1 hand” tech manipulation. The meteor part measures 21″ from the swivel to the bottom of the ball (contact us if you desire a custom size), and the total length of the leash is 11½ feet.
▹ The meteor part is made of 2 independent leashes that are spliced directly onto a swivel, which other end is attached to the dart leash. This is the best set up we tested as it allows the meteor parts to really split and act independently one from another.

A cotton option will be available soon.

Dart leash color (top part) * 

Meteor leash 1 color * 

(attached to ball 1)

Meteor leash 2 color * 

(attached to ball 2)

Ball 1 color * 

Ball 2 color * 

The perfect practice meteor dart, for indoors and outdoors training.



Weight 0.395 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 15 cm

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  1. My son really enjoyed his new Meteor Dart. He took it out and started working with it right away. It gives him a new dimension to his skill set! Good quality construction, well made! Thank you!

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