MMX juggling balls (Glow in the dark)


Glow in the dark MMX ball (sold individually).

The MMX ™ is Play‘s most popular juggling ball. The shell is soft as beanbags providing extraordinary smooth feel in your hands. The ball always keeps its perfect round shape in the air but doesn’t roll on the floor when dropped. The MMX ™ is durable and easily washable with water and any kind of soap. You can juggle under the rain or drop them on wet floors but sinking the balls underwater is not recommended since the plugs are not glued. Filled with millet seeds injected with a special machine through a very small hole allowing us to use a pretty much “invisible plug” .

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Glow in the dark MMX ball (sold individually).

MMX shells are made of 100% Phthalates-free soft PVC. Extremely elastic, durable and easy to wash with any type of detergent. When you don't juggle them, we recommend to keep your balls stored in a separate bag since PVC can easily get permanently stained getting in contact with inks as from the pages of a review or pens and markers. SOFT shells are approx. 2 mm thick. As soft as beanbags, they are more forgiving on collisions and tend to roll much less on the floor. These are the shells used for MMX, SRX, TTS, TT1 and SIL-X Light balls. They feel solid, precise and allow to work easier on head and body rolls. These are the shells used for SIL-X and HYBRID balls.

Ball: 67mm MATTE | Weight: 135g


The plugs can be removed allowing to adjust the weight of the balls and to re inflate them in case of need (like after a flight during which the difference in pressure and temperature in the aircraft's hold causes a "deflation" of the ball with consequent dents of the surface).

Weight 135 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 cm

Aqua, Orange/Yellow, Red Rose


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