Norwik juggling balls

Norwik juggling balls


Norwik balls are ideal for experienced jugglers and to practice with 5 balls and more. They have recently become very popular amongst advanced jugglers around the world. These balls are partially filled (Russian style) to allow very accurate high throws by slowing the ball in the air, thus allowing you more time to perform your tricks and gain precision.

Shell: Soft PVC, 75mm diameter | Weight: 67g

Sold individually.

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Norwik juggling balls are the result of 10+ years of experimentation by Kristian Wanvik, a professional juggler who tested and manufactured more than 10 different models before obtaining this result.

Inspired by Michael Rudenko's manufacturing methods (inventor of the "Russian ball"), Norwik balls are only partially filled, which lowers their center of gravity, improving their trajectories when thrown. They stall when catched, so they land well in the hands without rolling.

  • These balls are designed to help you improve the stability of your juggling and to obtain cleaner trajectories, making it easier to work on your new tricks.
  • The soft PVC shell makes it easier to achieve clean throws as they don't stick to your fingertips, allowing greater precision than with other balls. The shell is also perforated with an imperceptible anti-depressurization hole, which eliminates shape morphing when traveling by plane, and also allows them to keep their perfectly round shape during training sessions.
  • The weight sits at the bottom of the ball, which is excellent to practice balances.
  • Norwik balls do not twist in the air like some Russian balls do

Shell: Soft PVC, 75mm diameter | Weight: 67g each.

Sold individually.

Weight 67 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm


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