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We custom make each Play Juggling club for you. Use the club generator at the bottom of this page to create your unique set of clubs.

  • Sold as a single item.
  • Sirius model: short body and long handle (such as Henrys Pirouette). Center of gravity further towards the end. Length: Overall 52 cm | Body 26 cm | Handle 24 cm Weight: 215 gr
  • Core: PX4 Sirius clubs have a fiberglass dowel. Fiberglass is very stiff with no flex, which feels similar to a wood dowel, but with improved durability.
  • Handle: Tube handle made of soft touch plastic molded into a wrapped handle look; gives it a consistent grip, even if your hands get sweaty. The handle gets thinner towards the end, which makes it easier to hold multiple clubs in one hand and for multiplex tricks.
  • Knob: Round model.

The PX4 is very durable and all parts are easily replacable due the incredible design which eliminates the use of staples, glue and even tape.

PX4 Sirius club by Play, with the wrapped handle.

Weight 215 g
Dimensions 52 × 8 × 8 cm


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