Monkey Fist – Fire Rope Dart


Monkey fist Wick:

▹ Regular : 3¼″ Monkey Fist. Weight: 175g / Large:  3½”. Weight : 220g
▹ Super absorbent core retains more combustible for longer burn times.


▹ 11½ feet total of our popular UV rope dart leash. This 1/4″ HMWPE (Dyneema) rope that combines technology, strengh, softness and durability, have been spliced with Technora for it’s fire-resistant caracteristics and complemented with a heavy duty swivel + quick link attachment for easy set up. The rope comes in a selection of 6 color coatings: UV Pink, UV Orange, UV Yellow, UV Green, Blue (not UV) and black (not UV). UV colors are really bright and will react to blacklights. The color coating will gently fade with time but the rope will last for ages and become even softer as it breaks in.

▹ The swivel provides a longer life to your dart as well as preventing the leash from tangling.

*”Head only” available in the options. By choosing this, you wont receive the leash and its attachments (swivel and quicklink). Looking to buy the leash individually? Click here.* 



Monkey fist fire dart, 2 sizes available + our popular Dyneema leash.


Weight 230 g
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 8 cm
Choose your favorite option

Head only (no leash), Complete kit (dart + PINK leash), Complete kit (dart + ORANGE leash), Complete kit (dart + YELLOW leash), Complete kit (dart + GREEN leash), Complete kit (dart + BLUE leash), Complete kit (dart + BLACK leash)

Wick size

Regular, Large


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