Rope Dart 3.0


We are proud to present you the 3rd generation of our popular practice dart, the perfect ally for training indoors and outdoors. This model has been developed partnering up with rope dart specialists and improved continuously over a two years process until this result was achieved. It is the first of its kind.

▹ 74mm stage balls (way smaller than contact poi) made of a soft material that is not only forgiving, but can take a beating. Our new and unique no slit design makes them super durable.
▹The ball comes standard filled at 180g, but you can easily add or remove weight to your liking (you can also add a note with you order if you’d like a custom weight). This weight combined with the small size of the ball provides a great spinning experience.
▹ Choose between 7 eye catching colors; teal, orange, red, yellow, green, magenta and white.

▹ 11 ½ ft of …
a) 1/4″ natural cotton rope. Cotton’s texture is soft with a nice natural grip.
b) 1/4″ Dyneema rope, the softest/most durable rope available on the market. We have 6 colors available: UV pink, UV orange, UV yellow, UV green, blue (not UV) and black (not UV). UV colors are really bright and glow under blacklights. The color coating will fade with time but the rope will last ages and become even softer as it breaks in.
▹The leash is spliced directly onto a heavy-duty swivel fixed to the ball, for the minimal hardware set up you’ve always dreamed of. This also prevents the leash from tangling.
▹ Handle: Choose your favorite set up between the standard “wrist loop”, commonly used to secure the rope on the spinner’s wrist, or an untethered alternative with a knob (PX3, Pomgrip 2.0, Widmar Stubby or Silicone knobs available, see photos for reference).

You can also buy the dart head individually.


Rope * 

Handle * 

Choose your favorite type of handle for your dart leash.

Swivel * 

Practice dart, 3rd generation, simply perfect for learning and practicing indoors and outdoors.



Weight 205 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, White


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