Staff – Carbon fiber


With its perfect balance and super durable rubber ball ends, this staff is ideal for indoor and outdoor practice and will quickly become the best allie of your staff journey. Add flowers for the ultimate contact staff set up.

▹ Carbon fiber shaft. Lighter than aluminium, this material is also the most durable used in the flow prop industry. This staff should last you a lifetime.

▹ Chose your favorite grip :

a) Gravity grip (light grey): cushioned and tacky, less slippery than silicone when wet. Our all time favorite grip for contact staff techniques. 3ft or full cover available.

b) Silicone grip (black).: tacky, extremely durable, might become a bit slippery under wet conditions. 3ft or full cover available.

▹ Length :

a) for spinning, we recommand opting for a smaller staff. The measure from the ground to your chest should be a good starting point, you can add or remove a few inches from there according to your preferences.

b) for contact manipulation, a longer staff is ideal. With one end on the ground, the other end should arrive somewhere between your shoulder and your nose. The shorter the harder, keep that in mind when making your decision. We recommand adding flowers to your contact set up, flowers add weight to the extremeties and will open up when the staff is rolling, slowing down and improving contact moves motion.

▹ Customize the ends of your staff with our color selection (see 3rd photo for reference).



Grip * 

Total Length * 

Enter a value either in inch or cm. For staff over 60″ (152 cm), make sure to select the right tubing option above.

Ex.: 54″ *


Refer to the 3rd image for our color options. We can do different colors for each end, or even spiral patterns. Let us know what you want below.
Ex.: Spiral of D2 and D3.


We will add a stripe of 1/4″ gaffer tape that indicates the staff’s balance point. If you do, pick your color below.

Add flowers? * 

Recommanded for contact staff, not spinning.

Carbon fiber practice staff.

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 160 cm
Tubing options

5/8 carbon fiber, 5/8 carbon fiber (60" staff and +), 3/4 carbon fiber, 3/4 carbon fiber (60" staff and +)


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