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Processing time & Shipping
Orders usually ship within 3-5 business days, but may take up to 10 business days during the high season (June- August) or holidays. Current processing time is indicated at the top area of the website (or may show at the bottom of the page on mobiles).

You will be offered different shipping options at check out, most options include a tracking number (unless otherwise stated) that will be provided in your shipment confirmation e-mail. All shipping options that include a tracking number are also insured in case anything happens to your parcel (damaged, lost, etc.). Unfortunately, if you choose a shipping option without a tracking number,  it can’t be insured.

Orders are shipped with our local postal service (Canada Posts) which provides the most economic options. Please note the estimated shipping time at the checkout page doesn’t include our processing time, nor weekends and holidays as the post office doesn’t operate these days. If you are ordering in the rush of a specific deadline for which you need your equipment, please add a comment to your order (or send us an email) explaining your deadline and we will make our possible to meet your need. DHL for international orders, and Purolator for canadian orders are available on demand.

Lost in the Mail
Les Marchands de Feu is not responsible for items that are shipped properly but fail to arrive at the customer’s destination due to either customer or shipper errors. We will work to try and resolve any issue that arises, but the normal action is to wait for the package to either be delivered or returned to us which can take up to 60 days in worst case senario. However, if the shipping issue was something LMF did incorrectly (eg.: wrong address), we will reship the package without delay at our expense. If the shipping issue was a customer mistake, LMF will send an invoice for the re-shipping charge. As soon as it is paid, the package will be reshipped to the customer.

Product Returns
Returns can be accepted for resalable items within 30 days of shipment. You must contact us first. Items must be clean and unused. A 10% restocking fee will be applied for non-customized products or 25% for custom-made products, and the customer is responsible for all shipping costs on such returns. Refunds will be sent to the original payment method at the reception of the returned item.

Exchanges for resalable items will be accepted within 30 days of shipment. Please contact us first. Returned items must be clean and unused. A 10% restocking fee will be applied for non-customized products or 25% for custom-made products, and the customer is responsible for all shipping costs of both the returned and the replacement items. If there is a difference in cost between the original and replacement items, the original purchase will be refunded appropriately.

Warranty Information

Les Marchands de Feu provides a 60 days manufacturing defect warranty from the date of purchase. If you receive products with an evident manufacturing defect on arrival or that become evident later on, please contact us. We will ask for pictures and descriptions of the defective product. LMF will either repair or replace the product, and will pay for all related shipping costs.

Warranty exceptions and specifications

  • Wicks & Grip: We do not cover wicks or grip. These are considered consumable items.
  • Technora leash: Technora is extremely solid, but may deteriorate if used without proper care (refer to the guide provided with your purchase), for example if dipped in gas while soaking your wicks and burned, on a repetitive basis. Our warranty will cover manufacturing defects, but not abusive usage.
  • Hoops :

Kinked tubing.  Aggressive hooping, hard impacts on walls or the ground and other traumas such as accidentally landing or stepping on the hoop or trying to coil the tubing too tightly can cause damage to any kind of tubing. The warranty doesn’t cover this type of damage.

Grip. Grip tape will slowly wear off with time and usage which is normal and not considered as a manufacturing default. You can easily replace it with grip tape found online (see Canadian distributor “Hoop Tape Canada”), or medical clear tape found in any drugstore. Alternative methods can be used, such as hand sanding or hoop wax.

Melted tubing. All fire hoops are made of plastic, which is the only kind of tubing available at the moment (yes metal tubing do exist, but it results in super heavy and painful hoops, so you understand why there isn’t any metal fire hoops out there). It is the user’s responsibility to avoid melting the tubing, by simply lighting the wicks with the hoop standing in an horizontal position and then by keeping the hoop in motion.

  • Wicked Wicks : The warranty covers any type of manufacturing defect of the clamp and welding. In addition, a (20%) discount replacement policy applies to spine damages. Our spines are made from stainless steel aircraft cable, which is currently the best material available for this purpose, on account of its tensile strength, both its rigidity and flexibility (making it choc absorbent and harder to break) as well as its durability and weather resistance properties(it will not rust!). However, no matter what material it is, steel, plastic, stone, etc. repeated heating & cooling will make any material more brittle. Missed-tosses, drops and hard impacts will be what finally break one or two of the strands that make up a steel cable. If a strand breaks, stop using the spine and replace it. Take care of your gear and remember it’s not indestructible. On a happy note, this type of damage is covered by the half-price replacement policy, but the shipping cost will be covered by the customer.

    Return/exchange/replacement instructions

    Step 1. Contact us at

    Include the following in your message:

    • Your name and contact info.
    • Your order ID (or where you got your prop from if this doesn’t apply, eg.: festival, gift, etc.)
    • What is happening with your item: mention the item and issue.
    • Whether you are looking for a return, exchange or replacement.

    We will respond to your email within 3 business days with support, and/or send you details for your return/exchange /replacement.

    Step 2. Once we authorize your return, you will receive and RMA form; print it, fill and include the completed form with your returned item(s).

    Step 3. Packaging and shipping your items to us.

    Please choose a sturdy box, envelope or reinforce your package with packing tape, so your items do not fall out on their way to us! Please avoid using newspapers or other printed materials to wrap your products as it might stain some items.

    Step 4. If payment is required:
    We will email you an invoice and payment link for the total, and ship the replacement product after payment comes through.

    Step 5. We process and complete your warranty.

    We will ship out your replacement with the same delays as described in the « shipping times » section and email you a shipping confirmation with the tracking number.